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Tignes has created this website so that you can order your season passes at preferential rates. This will make it easier for future seasons.

To begin with, please complete the registration form on this website.
Then, once we have validated your application, you can order your ski passes.


Frequently asked questions


> Who needs to register?

Please complete the registration process if you are a Business Owner, Resident, Property Owner or Resort Employee.

Even if you ordered a season pass  last year, we ask you to return on your file with your same login to provide the documents requested for the new season.
> Who needs to apply?
Resident Application: The resident applies.
Employee Application: The employee applies.
Business Owner Application: The business owner applies.
Property Owner Application: The property owner applies.
> Who are the family members?
Resident Application: The children 
Employee Application: Only the applicant
Business Owner Application: Only the applicant
Property Owner Application: Children under 21 years old and spouse.

Do not register the following people:
Resident Application: Children under 18.
Employee Application: Children under 18.
Business Owner Application: Children under 18.
Property Owner Application: Children over 21.
> Can I complete my application in stages?
You can access your application using your username and password. You can modify, add or remove family members and documents.
> I already have a card from last year
In all cases, please complete your application and provide the documentation requested in the “My Documents" section.

For holders of a still valid card, the number of your support will appear automatically during the purchase procedure.

> I can’t upload my document
The document is too large or the format is not accepted: check the recommended formats.

> A document is missing
Complete your application. Send it through. Add a comment in the “My Messages” section explaining that you will be adding the document soon.


The application has been sent

> Can I still make changes to it?
You can add documents or send a message.
Any other changes in the "My Account” or “My Members” section must be made via a message request.

> I registered someone by mistake
Please contact Customer Services via the message centre.

> I’ve sent through my application, what happens next?
You will receive an e-mail within 3 weeks regarding your application and information on how to purchase your ski passes.


Purchasing your ski passes

> How do I purchase my ski pass?
1 – Once your application has been validated, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to log on to our website. 
2 – Log in using the same e-mail address and password for this site.
3 -  Select your ski passes and follow the instructions.

Please note: During the purchasing process, a photo will be requested for everyone. For holders of a still valid card, the number of your support will appear automatically during the purchase procedure.



> How can I buy my insurance for the season (Carte Neige)?
You will find information about the Carte Neige in the "Information" section at the bottom of the Home page.

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